Bold One Corporation


Dwayne Locker-Chief Executive Officer

As a   CEO a key element is their ability to have a vision and work with the team to develop and implement efficiDwayne Lockerent strategies.  This type effective forecasting is en grained in Dwayne Locker, a former Vice President for the Manhattan Financial Group and a well versed fundraising consultant.  In his role as VP, he secured major corporate accounts, developing and closing on commercial real estate that was often valued into the multi-millions.  Managing the operations and resources of a corporation is a hefty responsibility and Locker brings poised creativity to the Bold One team in this capacity.  His level-headed decisions stem from his work within the fast moving entertainment business.  Apart from providing a wide range of voice overs for a major radio station in New York City, he also co-produced a Sunday morning Gospel show before moving on to work with Sean “Puffy” Combs as he launched his new restaurant Justin’s.  Acting as the director of ceremonies, Locker hosted the opening night for the exciting new restaurant while networking with a long list of vibrant celebrities.

Dwayne’s impressive client network, professional network and his celebrity endorsements have allowed him to compile all of his resources in order to raise millions of dollars for inner city children with the Christopher Wallace Foundation.  While working side by side with VolettaWallace and Faith Evans, Locker worked hard to find the funding, the promotion and a dedicated staff in order to make their vision a reality.  Today, Locker employs his corporate vision  while acting as an initial  source of communication.

JW Cherry III – Chief Operations Officer

The core element of a powerfully focused COO is centered on their experience as well as their ability to develop and impJW Cherry IIIIlement efficient strategies.  This type of leadership is engrained in JW Cherry III, who founded a private mortgage bank in 1987 as well as a host of various other successful businesses.  JW Cherry III clearly envisioned how his business sense would allow him to excel in a world where a self-starter is extremely valuable.   With discipline and sound decision making, Cherry establish a multimillion dollar business by age 28, using real estate investing and acquisitions as his success vehicle.  He now has over 34 years of experience founding and managing dynamic businesses.  JW currently continues his business pursuits employing over 250 employees at his National Mobile signing company Pro Services LLC.  His commitment to research and his accurate risk management skills allowed him to meet the needs of multiple companies.

Once Cherry found success with his real estate investments, he set his sights on intellectual property as he aspired to help artists and musicians.  In 1990, Cherry saw his vision come to light as the executive produced an independent film called “Crackdown Big City Blues”.This first foray into the production world inspired Cherry to use his project management skills in hopes of securing important art history.  He quickly purchased the rights to legendary jazz musician Cab Calloway’sautobiography with the intention of creating an authorized film in 1992.  While Debbie Allen quickly agreed to direct the production, Calloway passed away in 1994 before the project could be completed.  Cherry’s keen business sense and networking abilities allowed him to work with legendary business magnates like Steve Stoute, who currently partners with entertainer/business man Jay-Z.  As a young man, Steve lived next door to Cherry and often helped him with aspects of his first independent film.  This early mentoring relationship aided Stoute as he began to recognize his own creative strengths as well as his ambition for growing brands.

Cherry also takes great pride in community service previously serving as a founding board member of the International Christian Brotherhood(also known as the ICB) later providing leadership by facilitating a Bond initiative which raised twenty million dollars in order to build the Christian Cultural Center in East New York, Brooklyn.

Most of all JW Cherry III values and treasures his 38-year marriage to his wife Patsy, his three children Candice, April and John IV, as well as his granddaughter Alissa. JW Cherry III believes in consistency as he excels as an accountable leader with a clear vision.

As a COO of Bold One Enterprises LLC, Cherry is inventive, professional and quick to action as he consistently works to secure forward thinking strategies.  Apart from overseeing the financial aspects that allows Bold One to function as its own entity, Cherry mitigates key elements of the company’s risk profile while also monitoring fiscal and legal issues.  The combination of his experience as a real estate developer, film production experience and his unwavering commitment to educating the public via the nonprofit organization he founded entitled Voices Impacting America make John a strong force in the independent business realm. Voices Impacting America also now seeks to introduces educational programs, events in collaboration with The Impact TV Network who are in Partnership with Bold One Enterprises. which will produce educational programing for the youth, and formally incarcerated youth.  With guided curriculum, mentorships and partnerships, ex-felons who seek to regain access to their full citizenship starting with regaining their right to vote.  As an Author Cherry advocates for those rights. For information or to purchase the insightful book “Your Vote Matters: The Easy Way to Use Your Power”, please visit this page.

Darius Coit – Director of Marketing

Darius offers a unique foresight when it comes to business ventures that can only be achieved through years of varied business Darius Coitsuccess.  With a background that includes over 10 years of experience with marketing, data-driven decision making and long-term strategic planning, his valuable input has helped inventive ideas become a reality.  Before bringing his talents to the Bold One team, he broke barriers as a senior consultant for  In this role, he led corporate business development and new client acquisitions on behalf of a technology startup as they established themselves in a new market.  During his first three months, he increased the firm’s ORM consulting revenues by a staggering 20%.

His vision for the company’s abilities allowed them to draft, execute and perfect strategies to acquire high profile clients like Hydroxycut and many more recognizable brands.  These well established companies shifted their marketing budgets to trust in a relatively new businesses model after being moved by Darius’ ideas.  In addition to his efforts regarding established clients, he also introduced a lead generation system that allowed the sales team to focus on closing while the team of research analysts efficiently handled the prospecting duties.  Darius continues to serve the Online Reputation Management sector as he acts as a managing partner for LLC where he focuses on marketing solutions for established brands.

In addition, Darius is an integral member of the Joint Venture/Acquisition and the Licensing/Business Development teams, where he leads the project valuation, due diligence, deal parameter, and negotiation processes, resulting in future revenue projections of over $20 million.  As part of Bold One Corporation, Darius offers invaluable input, creative marketing options and a business contact network that makes him capable of handling projects of any size.