Working with your own customers to tell stories about products, services and brands can b FB handse very powerful. This certainly isn’t a new approach to brand building whether it is done via media releases, case studies or references. However with the wide adoption of video, how can marketers take a calculated risk to enable greater advocacy through making relatively small changes to their video?

There are some brands with huge equity that are confident – confident in their brand to allow their ads and online video to lead with the story and message rather than the brand. Brands like Guinness have been doing this for a long time. More recently brands such as John Lewis and Facebook have created videos that successfully do this too. These ads all have powerful, engaging stories with the end card for the video only revealing the brand.

Recently we produced online videos for large B2C and B2B brands taking a similar approach.

The videos told stories that were strong with emotive ties, the visual cues were compelling – this removed the feeling that viewers were being sold to. Instead it demonstrated confidence that viewers should make up their own minds about the brand, rather than being faced with a constant drip feed of brand and product messages.